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Below are the rules and terms of service for our site, and are subject to change at any time without notice. These rules are to be adhered to at all times. By agreeing to these rules you automatically agree to their terms. Please familiarise yourself with them and check regularly for any updates - if you break them you may well forfeit your account.


We periodically carry out activity checks on our User database. Any member who is seen to have been inactive for an unbroken period of 12 months or more will have their Mombot membership revoked.

Please be aware that our Software is designed for use on Windows-based Computers using licensed Operating Systems only. It will NOT work on Mac,Virtual Machines (i.e. Sandboxie) or on machines with RAMDISK (Virtual Memory). Do not purchase our products if your machine uses any of these. Please also ensure your Computer specifications are sufficiently high enough to run the latest games software. You accept that if, having purchased a subscription, our digital products do not work on your computer due to any reason not attributable to our software, a refund will not be possible.

Chargeback policy

We have implemented an automatic banning system Implementing a Paypal chargeback (Reversal) will result in an automatic ban and immediate cessation of ALL subscriptions you may hold.
If you have been banned for a reversal on our site, and you subsequently CANCEL your reversal and continue to want to use our products you have (2) alternatives:

(1) Use the 'Paysafe Card' payment method

(2) Purchase through one of our official Resellers

The cheat for which you reversed payment will not be re-activated when you cancel a reversal; a fresh purchase of the cheat is required using one of the above methods. When you have re-purchased, any additional subscriptions you may have held at the time of your Reversal will then be re-activated.

We retain the right to refuse service and products to anyone.

Generic Forum Rules:

1. All posts must be written in English.

2. Do not spam, annoy or abuse any other members or staff

3. Do not share or sell your account or have multiple accounts.

4. If you post in a forum that has nothing to do with your topic, or you post in a thread after it has been closed your post will be deleted.

5. Arguing with or disrespecting staff or other members will not be tolerated; we foster a policy of mutual respect on Mombot. However, if you feel you have been unfairly treated by any staff member and have a genuine case, please contact an Administrator.

6.The shout box is NOT for support...If you have a problem with your hack or any other issues, please contact a staff member on teamspeak, or post a thread in the appropriate section

7. You acknowledge and agree that all copyright, logos,videos, and all other property rights in all materials and content made available as part of your use of this website shall remain at all times vested in Mombot. You are permitted
to use or reproduce this material outside this website only when expressly authorised to do so by a Site Administrator. If permission is granted and any such material is reproduced on any other website or any publication, then acknowledgement of its origin must be made

Customer Rules:

1. For mutual security, do not sell or share your account with anyone, or attempt to download the StreamClient onto another computer. Our software recognizes the HWID of the computer you installed the StreamClient onto and will only allow use on that particular pc. We retain the right to refuse a reset and/or Subscription renewal to persistant offenders.

2. If you have a problem with your hack, please DO NOT do a PayPal reversal (chargeback), or you will be permanently banned from Mombot and all other affiliated sites. Contact a staff member; they are here to help and will work with you to solve your issue.

3. You accept that you use our digital products AT YOUR OWN RISK. Detections are rare, but do happen. You accept that if a detection does occur, Mombot cannot be held accountable for the loss of any banned game keys, and is under no obligation to replace the same.

4. Once a 1 Month, 3 Month, Venom or Venom Premium Digital Product has been purchased from, it is non-refundable except at the sole discretion of an Administrator. 1 Day Packages cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Do not request a refund or subscription change on the grounds of a detection (see rule above) or if a cheat is taken down for updating, or because of an unplanned outage due to reasons beyond our control. If we have occasion to temporarily switch a cheat off for any reason, we will compensate you by adding any lost time to your subscription. Please note: Lost time additions only apply for those VIP's who have bought the affected cheat as a monthly/3 monthly package. This does NOT apply to those with 1 Day or Venom packs

5. We may, at our discretion, permit a one time only subscription change from one cheat to another only if the cheats are the same price or less. If we change your subscription, you cannot change back to your original cheat, so please think carefully before requesting a change. Requests to be posted in the 'Subscription Change Request' thread in the VIP section only. If a cheat is down, we will only consider a subscription change if the affected cheat has been down for 1 week or more. A subscription change is a privilege, not a right, and subject to Admins approval.

6. Please plan your subscriptions carefully: If you go away on holiday or for any other reason, as part of our fraud prevention policy we will deny any request to allow the Loader to be used on another computer. By the same token, we cannot pause, suspend or alter the start/end dates of your subscription. PLEASE NOTE: An exception to this rule is when you use a portable Laptop computer. As the HWID never changes, the SAME laptop can be used in multiple locations.

7. If you are having a problem, please READ the threads in the relevant support section (there is a support section for every cheat we offer). You may well find the answer to your problem already documented. If not, then please post your query in the correct support section. The Staff will respond and help you to resolve any issues.

8. The shout box is not for Support. Please use our teamspeak or post a thread. We may request that we teamview your computer to enable us to resolve any issue: please allow us to do this if requested - we will only perform any remedial action necessary (with your permission) to enable you to use your hack, and will not harm your computer in any way.

9. Do not talk about private matters, or flame the site/staff in the shout box or on any public forums

10. Do not report any suspected bans or detections in the shoutbox. This only causes unnecessary uncertainty for other VIP's, as it may be a single ban instance or a false alarm. Please make a post in the 'Suspected Detections' thread in the VIP forum with a screenshot of your ban message. We cannot make an informed assessment of a detection status unless you post a screenshot.

11. Do not use offensive or abusive language in the shoutbox (including abbreviations) or in any post you create or answer